Dublin Zoo has celebrated the birth of two white crowned mangabeys.

The half brother and sister, fathered by the dominant male Danzo, were born just two weeks apart to mothers Monifa and Malull.

On April 5, Malull gave birth to a male who the keepers named Jomoro, after the western region of Ghana, which is home to many of the world's population of this rare species.

Ten days later, on April 15, Monifa gave birth to a female who the keepers named Awiane, the capital of the Jomoro district.

White crowned mangabeys are endangered in the wild and their numbers are rapidly declining. Dublin Zoo is one of twelve zoos in Europe participating in a breeding programme, which has resulted in a very successful breeding record.

Helen Clarke-Bennet, team leader of the African Plains says, “We’re delighted with the arrival of two mangabeys which brings the Dublin Zoo troop of these elegant monkeys up to eight.

“Jomoro and Awiane are thriving and get on very well as brother and sister. It’s a joy to watch them being playful together.

“Both youngsters will stay close to their mothers Monifa and Malull for about two years when they will become more independent and start exploring the habitat on their own.”

The new arrivals can be seen out and about with their family in the African Plains today.

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