339,000 people watch Gay Byrne’s 'Meaning of Life' interview with Bono.

The hour-long programme had a 25% share of the audience, according to TAM Ireland Ltd/Nielson TAM.

In the interview, the U2 front man discussed his upbringing, the death of his mother when he was aged 14, and his early involvement with the Shalom Christian group in Dublin.

He also discussed his activism, his faith, and also responded to on-going criticism of his tax affairs, saying: "The shock horror moment here is U2 behaving like a business. We live on a small rock in the north Atlantic and we would be underwater were it not for very clever people working in goverment and in the revenue who made tax competitiveness a central part of Irish economic life and is the reason we have companies like Google and Facebook and, indeed, I helped bring those companies to Ireland.

"So it's more than churlish for Irish people to say well we don't want an Irish company involved in that stuff but we do want everybody else to be," Bono continued. "We [U2] do pay a lot of tax but we are tax sensible as every business is and why is it that because I'm invovled in these, as some people say, idealistic things, why can't U2 be tough in business? I think U2's tax business is our own business and I think it's not just to the letter of the law, it is to the spirit of the law."

The interview is currently the most-watched programme on the RTÉ Player. Watch here.