They’re due to rock the Pyramid Stage this Saturday night at Glastonbury and despite complaints about their usual ticket prices, festival organiser Michael Eavis says that The Rolling Stones “weren’t at all greedy” when he booked them to play the weekend.

“It’s supposed to be a big money thing,” 77-year-old Eavis told The Radio Times. “But in fact they weren’t at all greedy.”

"There's always a wishlist, and only the best bands are on it - about 20 of 'em. And we've been ticking 'em off and ticking 'em off. The Rolling Stones were the only ones that were left."

Eavis says that his late wife Jean was hugely influential in getting the veteran rockers to play Glasto. "I saw Mick Jagger at the Q Awards years and years ago, and he was standing halfway up the stairs - perched on a ladder there on his own - and Jean said, 'I'm gonna ask him to play.'

"I said, 'Oh no, no, you can't do that, you can't talk to these people.' And she went straight in there - 'Why haven't you done Glastonbury?' And he said he'd never been asked. Well, he was asked then.

"Jean asked him definitely point blank right there! She went straight up, handbag in her arms!"

Eavis’ daughter Emily added that there may be a reason why Jagger and co had not been invited to play before: “There are a couple of bands that are so big they don’t usually do festivals: The Rolling Stones and U2. They roll around the world doing huge shows and we are this little festival.”