It seems as if Independence Day 2 will have to go ahead without one of the main stars from the first film, Will Smith.

Earlier this week 20th Century Fox announced that the sequel will go ahead with a release date of July, 2015 set.

Director Roland Emmerich has said though that Smith, who starred as Steven Hiller in the 1996 film, is too expensive to feature.

Speaking to the NY Daily News he said "Will Smith cannot come back because he's too expensive. But he'd also be too much of a marquee name. It would be too much."

He continued "We have like half of the people that you would know from the first film. The other half are people who are new."

Bill Pullman played the US President in the first film while Jeff Goldblum played science geek, David Levenson.

Pullman has already announced that he is likely to reprise his role.