Robbie Williams has responded to Liam Gallagher’s expletive filled rant against the popstar.

Liam Gallagher was not impressed that Robbie Williams played four nights at his beloved Man City’s football stadium earlier this week.

In fact he was so annoyed at the Candy singer that he called him a “f***ing fat f***ing idiot” in jealous rant to The Sun.

Never one to keep quiet amidst controversy, Robbie has responded to Liam’s comments saying: “[Liam’s] interviews are better than the records at the minute. I really enjoy the interviews. Liam is like an episode of Star Stories.

He also had a pop at some of the songs on new Beady Eye album BE, saying: “The production is really good. There are a couple of tunes that would have been f***ing amazing if they had a chorus.
Flick Of The Finger, nearly a great tune. Start Anew, if that had a chorus, but there is no chorus.”

He added: “When you listen to them [songs on the album] you think, ‘Please put a chorus in — it will be brilliant.’ They are not going to have a character brave enough to tell Liam that.”