Rupert Sanders has signed on direct The Kill List.

The film is an adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's bestselling novel, which tells the story of a Marine, a terrorist, an Israeli special agent and a teen hacker who become embroiled in a complex conspiracy.

Sanders, who made his feature directorial debut with last year's Snow White and the Huntsman, will be heavily involved with the process of choosing writers for the screen adaptation, Deadline reports.

In a statement, Sanders professed his love of Forsyth’s work: “Day Of The Jackal, Odessa File and The Dogs Of War are three of the finest works of modern espionage. It is an incredible privilege to work from Forsyth’s new novel The Kill List.

"It is a thrilling read and frighteningly accurate. It immerses us in the shadowy worlds of terrorists, spies, private contractors, US and UK special forces.

"It spans an epic, international world and delves deep into the psychology of its two main characters – ‘the hunter’ – a US Special Forces Tracker and ‘the hunted’ an extreme fundamentalist terrorist.”

The Kill List will be a co-production between Chockstone Pictures and Nick Wechsler Productions.