The Hangover star Bradley Cooper has beaten David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Harry Styles to the top of a new hair poll.

The 38-year-old Limitless star was voted the man with the sexiest hair in a survey carried out by hair brand Fudge.

The hair brand company revealed that it was the length of Bradley's hair that gave him the edge on his Place Beyond The Pines co-star.

Speaking about the new hair trends for men, Fudge creative director John Vial, said: "Films like The Great Gatsby have definitely contributed somewhat to a resurgent of the longer, more slicked back hairstyle for men.

"Actors like Bradley Cooper showcase the style brilliantly and prove that long hair can be stylish and masculine. Men are definitely becoming more creative when it comes to their hair and with such a stamp of approval from the opposite sex I predict this trend will continue for some time yet."

The top 5 Men with the sexiest hairstyles in the world, according to hair brand Fudge:

1. Bradley Cooper’s  (40 per cent)
2. Ryan Gosling’s 3.0 (20 per cent)
3. David Beckham’s 3.5  (17 per cent)
4. Prince Harry’s 2.5 (7 per cent)
5. Harry Styles (5 per cent)