2fm’s Weekenders with Ruth Scott and Paddy McKenna are set to host a big night out with its Weekenders Listeners Party which takes place on July 4th.

The pair are hosting the event at Copper Face Jacks in Dublin city centre with the theme being Stars and Stripes to mark Independence Day so listeners can come dressed as their favourite star.

Ruth Scott said of their big night out "I used to dig around in my mum’s wardrobe for clothes to dress up in so our Listener Party is a great excuse to pretend to be a kid again.

"I can’t wait to see what everyone is going to dress up as – the ‘Stars & Stripes’ theme means we expect to see a lot of Johnny Depps and Marilyn Monroes strutting their stuff. I’ll be personally vetting the Depps myself for authenticity."

Paddy added "Yeah, we’re really looking forward to the Listener Party. With dress up in mind, fair play to Macklemore for making thrift shops fashionable again. I’m thinking of raiding one for a fur coat, pair of oversized glasses and some chunky jewellery! That should have my Superman look nailed down. It’s gonna be a rocking night and everyone in 2fm is buzzing about it."

For information on how to get your free ticket to the event email weekenders@rte.ie. Please note also that it is an over 21 event.