Candy singer Robbie Williams has admitted that he feels like the sixth member of One Direction and considers the X Factor band to be like family.

The 39-year-old singer explained that he is extremely familiar with One Direction's lifestyle from his Take That days and feels like the X-Factor band are part of his family.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday Event magazine, Robbie said: ''They are [my brothers]. I sang She's The One with them on The X Factor, so I've seen various stages of their growth.

''And I've been a member of One Direction, as it were. So I like seeing how they're doing.''

Robbie further explained that he sees a lot of himself in the group, although he said the Up All Night stars lack a calming influence like Take That had.

He added: ''It seems as though there's no Jason Orange or Gary Barlow there to tell them off and give the, ironically, a bit of direction.

''It would seem that it's a band of Robbies and [Mark Ownens]. It's going to be fascinating to see what happens. You know, their journey.''