Irish actress Sinead Cusack was awarded an honorary degree from University College Dublin over the weekend.

Sinead Cusack finally graduated from college this weekend with her husband, Jeremy Irons, and one of her sons, Richard Boyd Barrett, by her side as she collected her award.

The 65-year-old actress was given an honorary degree and made a doctor of literature in honour of her decades of work on the stage and screen by University College Dublin.

Sinead explained that finally graduating meant an awful lot to her, as her mother was very disappointed when she left college first time round, before she completed her studies.

Sinead had always wanted to study acting at the Abbey Theatre, but her mother Maureen insisted she attend university as well, so she enrolled in UCD to study English. However Cusack left to attend the Abbey full-time despite only being three months away from her finals.

The Tony Award-winning actress said, "In a way getting this degree is very moving for me because of my mother. She would have been so proud. That is why today means so much to me. She died many, many years ago, but I'm sure she's here in spirit today."