Boyband The Wanted have admitted to having a heated  argument during a trip to Las Vegas after the group were banned from taking their girlfriends with them.

The Walks Like Rihanna hitmakers explained that they fell out after their management banned them from bringing their girlfriends along so they could have ''some male bonding time."

However, band member Siva Kaneswaran refused to go unless he could bring his partner, Nareesha McCaffrey.

Speaking to The Star newspaper, Max George said that he was annoyed at Siva, saying: ''What lad wouldn't like Vegas? It's got casinos, lots of women, strippers, bars, clubs, rollercoasters.

''We got offered a lot of money to do a big show. It was a no-brainer.

''All of a sudden [Siva] he just turned round and said, 'I'm not going.' I don't get annoyed very often but that did annoy me.''

Dublin native Siva eventually decided to go ahead with the trip, but admitted he felt torn between his girlfriend and his work commitments, adding:''I know Nareesha won't be happy about the no-girlfriends rule and, quite frankly, I don't want to go anywhere without her. I love my girlfriend so much and, who knows, the band could split up tomorrow. But I'll always have my girlfriend.''