Director Steven Spielberg has predicted a Hollywood ''implosion''

The 66-year-old director revealed that Lincoln, which won numerous Oscars earlier this year, was close to airing on the US pay-TV channel HBO, and only just made it into cinemas.

Speaking at the opening of a new media centre at the University of Southern California, Spielberg said:  ''There's eventually going to be an implosion - or a big meltdown.

''There's going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe even a half-dozen mega-budget movies are going to go crashing into the ground, and that's going to change the paradigm.''

Meanwhile Star Wars creator George Lucas agreed with Spielberg, explaining the difficulty he too faced in bringing his World War Two drama Red Tails to the big screen.

Lucas said: “You’re talking about Steven Spielberg and George Lucas can’t get their movie into a theatre. What you’re going to end up with is fewer theatres. Bigger theatres, with a lot of nice things. Going to the movies is going to cost you 50 bucks, maybe 100. Maybe 150.”