Joss Whedon has said that working on the Avengers sequel is much easier than creating and directing the original film and that it is “enormous fun”, although it's not looking good for Wonder Woman.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, he said: “Avengers 2 is its own thing - I’ve been working for Marvel as a sort of consigliore of all of their films which is great fun for me and I love those people and I love working for them. It also helps feed where I’m going.

"Avengers is its own animal now, it was harder the first time, to bring everybody together, to convince people they could all be in the same movie, that’s done. Now it’s just pure storytelling and its enormous fun."

However bad news for any fellow DC Comics or Wonder Woman fans: "At present I don’t think there’s really an opportunity there so I don’t want to dash your hopes but it’s not looking great.”

However he joked, "I’ve come up with a very original character of my own called ‘Wondrous Gal’ – she’s a Flamazon, it’s very original!" Whedon's new film Much Ado About Nothing is in cinemas today.

He added: “We’ll see some new faces in Avengers 2 but they will be from the Marvel Universe and I’m always trying to get more girls in the mix.”