The 10 remaining contestants on The Apprentice hit the road again in the episode on BBC One tonight, Wednesday June 12, at 9:00pm.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Boss Alan Sugar sends the two teams to the Motorhomes and Caravan Show at the Birmingham NEC to find accessories to sell to the public.

The teams also have to find one luxury item each to sell: one team chooses a folding camper van, while the other picks a retro-style van.

There is more team-mate rivalry when Project Manager Neil Clough discovers that Jason Leech is a bigger hit with the punters than he is.

Judge Karren Brady says: "Neil thinks he's a far superior salesman than Jason, but actually I think it's Jason's technique that's going down better. Sometimes (he's) rather theatrical, sometimes overly sincere, but the more mature person seems to really like it."

Clough says: "It certainly doesn't make him the 'God of Sales'. However, I'm happy with what he's done. I'm playing catch-up, and we'll see by the end of the day who's made the most."