Comedian Miranda Hart has laughed off rumours that she will become the 12th Time Lord on Doctor Who.

The 40-year-old Call the Midwife star recently topped a poll to find out the fans' number one choice to replace Matt Smith.

Speaking to Heat, Hart said: "Really? Who, me? Are you serious? That's hilarious!"

Miranda admitted that she doesn't even follow the show, adding: "I didn't watch it when I was younger - it scared me. I started watching some Doctor Who recently on my own and got too scared. I had to watch it in the daytime - I'm pathetic.

"I might be alright if I'm in it, though, and I don't have to watch it."

The Hyperdrive star further explained that she was surprised to have received 18% of the overall vote, saying: "I'm just surprised constantly by [my] popularity, let along the fact [people] want me to be Doctor Who."