On the Floor singer Jennifer Lopez has said that she is "open" to reprising her judging role on American Idol this autumn.

The 43-year-old singer and actress explained that she is "emotionally attached" to the show, saying: ''I don't know what's happening over there. I don't know.

"We will see. I'm always open to the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer. So you never know.

''I was emotional about [leaving]. I just had such a good time there. It fit ... I felt like family [and] I get emotionally attached.''

Speaking on US radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Lopez also spoke out about her controversial outfit she worn during a recent appearance on Britain's Got Talent, adding: ''I wore [the leotard] in red on the Billboard Awards, same exact outfit! You can put them side by side ... and it's so funny because [in the US], no big deal, and then [in the UK] ... for some reason, scandal!

''I had worn it in the video and the video was just coming out, so I kind of wanted to tie the performance and song together.''