Before Midnight star Ethan Hawke has admitted that he often struggles to deal with fame and feels as if he doesn't deserve attention from fans.

The 42-year-old Purge star said: ''You know in your heart of hearts that you're special only like every human being is special, so you don't know why you're getting all this attention and you feel guilty about it.

''What you feel guilty about is the feeling that some part of you thinks you deserve it 'cos it feels good. And it's a weird snake that's eating it's own tail.''

Hawke further explained that he has a love/hate relationship with being in the limelight, further telling The Observer newspaper: ''You covet the fame, you hate the fame, you covet the fame.''

He also revealed that he avoids endorsing commercial products, adding: ''I think, 'Wow, I take such pride in not doing that', and it doesn't mean anything to anyone but me.''