Take That star Mark Owen has said that he wants to learn if there is more to him than having a good bum after years of topping "most fanciable male pop star" in Smash Hits magazine polls.

Speaking to the London Independent Owen said, “I had to learn whether there was anything more to me than having a good bum. I still don’t know whether there is really.”

The 41-year-old has just released his fourth album, The Art of Doing Nothing, which was written and recorded after he admitted to a series of affairs to his wife, Emma, and gave up alcohol, which he admits had become a crutch.

“When you start writing songs again, you don’t know if you can because you’re used to writing with a drink because you get confidence from a drink,” Owen said.

“This record was written in a clear head-space. It was nice to know you could still write a song and actually it wasn’t the drink that was helping you write.”

The Take That singer is believed to have earned £7.5m from the band's Progress tour and has joined bandmates Gary Barlow and Howard Donald in a £26m tax investment scheme which has been described as "a tax shelter for high net-income individuals".

“My wife tells me I’m the worst person with money in the world and that confirms it,” Owen quipped when asked about the arrangement.