Today's edition of The Guardian newspaper features some recollections from journalists about painful encounters with awkward and rude celebs.

The BBC 's Kirsty Lang (Front Row) had fifteen minutes with actress Marion Cotillard when she was promoting Rust and Bone last year. Having ordered toast, the actress began to nibble it in tiny bites. "When we started the interview, she said absolutely nothing," recalls Lang. "It just went from bad to worse. She gave no opinions on anything. I just wanted to go: "This is a game; you're trying to sell your film, this is my job as a journalist to ask you questions – please just give me one story, anything."

The Guardian's own Simon Hattenstone recalls Lou Reed, who he describes as "vile and bullying." Reed refused to shake the journo's hand. "Whatever I asked him about, he was fantastically hostile and contemptuous. In the end, I said: "Are you this horrible in real life or are you putting it on?"

Janice Turner from The Times regards her interview with Gwyneth Paltrow as a major low point. "When I walked into the room, she'd just been to the bathroom and I went to shake her hand and she offered me her elbow. I had to awkwardly shake her elbow. She said "my hands are wet".