With battle-lines set to be re-drawn in the old Gallagher feud following today’s release of the new Beady Eye album, the band’s guitarist Andy Bell has spoken about the on-going rivalry between Liam and Noel.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, Bell, who formerly played with early-nineties shoegazers Ride, Oasis-like rockers Hurricane #1, and who also had a brief dalliance with Gay Dad, said that having to deal with constant media speculation about the brothers was a “weird one.”

“We’re a band with a lot of baggage. Liam said it pretty well the other day. His favourite band is The Stone Roses and they’re one of my favourite bands too and when they broke up, nobody felt the temptation to take sides.

"Bands break up and it’s a natural thing especially after 10, 12 years together. All I can really do is take it as a compliment and take it as love for Oasis’ music.”

Asked if Liam - in the immortal words of Noel - was still a man with a fork in a world of soup, Bell quipped, “I think he found a spoon.”

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