Can't Fight the Moonlight singer Leann Rimes is set to play Charlie Sheen's love interest in his US sitcom Anger Management.

The 30-year-old country singer took to her Twitter page to confirm the news, writing: "Going now to shoot promos for my (guest) spot on Anger Management... Charlie was supposed to be there but he's a little busy today! Drama queen j/k (just kidding)."

She later tweeted: "I've never walked onto a nicer set of people (than) Anger Management... Looking forward to shooting next month!"

Rimes recently opened up about her fame as a child star, telling Yahoo's omg!: "People don't come out of the other side of it with a clear head, and I think that's probably the biggest thing. Having had it all as a child and growing into an adult, it definitely messes with your mind a little bit."