Liz Bonnin returns to BBC Two next month for a two-part series about the one big cat the BBC's Natural History Unit has never filmed in the wild: the Siberian Tiger.

Operation Snow Tiger begins on BBC Two on Sunday June 9 at 8:00pm with Bonnin setting out "to uncover the hidden world of this mysterious predator, determine why they are declining and what can be done to save them".

It is estimated that there are between 350 to 400 Siberian tigers left in the wild.

Bonnin said of the show: "The Russian Far East is a spectacularly beautiful and extremely challenging environment to work in.

"It was a real privilege to work with scientists who rightly believe that losing the tiger from this landscape is simply unacceptable, and who work tirelessly to prevent its extinction against seemingly insurmountable odds.

"Every day brought thrilling discoveries and harrowing moments, and the tigers certainly kept us on our toes at every turn. This was an adventure that will stay with me forever."