UK rapper Dizzee Rascal has revealed details about his collaboration with Candy singer Robbie Williams, saying that the pair recorded a track in an hour and a half.

The Bonkers artist explained that he recorded his latest single Goin’ Crazy in Robbie’s home in Los Angeles.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 27-year-old musician - real name Dylan Mills - said: ''Well, he said he'd only do the song if we recorded together. I went over to his house in Los Angeles and was there from six in the evening until six in the morning. In the end we spent about an hour and a half recording the track.

''It was good - it was really organic. He jumped in the booth and I was giving him directions. These days you don't always get in a studio with the other artist or the producer. He's a legend too.''

Dizzee is set to release his new album The Fifth next month and can't wait to hear the reaction from fans.

He added: 'I'm playing a lot of new music at the moment, from my new album, so it's wicked to put it out there and see how it goes down.

''A lot of my new music is geared towards being played live.

''Hopefully I've got the tracks to keep people dancing. As long as I see people jumping, I'm happy with that.''