The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth has said that he is still adjusting to fame and doesn't take anything for granted.

The 23-year-old Australian actor, who is engaged to singer Miley Cyrus, explained that he still struggles to accept his celebrity status.

Speaking to US Weekly magazine, Hemsworth said: ''I'm truly fortunate to be part of this whole process after The Hunger Games. But I'm taking it day by day.''

The hunky star insisted that he doesn't see himself as a heartthrob, adding: ''I grew up surfing in Australia. I keep fit, I'm active and I eat very well. I don't consider myself a heartthrob in any way, though. I'm just pinching myself.''

Hemsworth recently admitted that he loves returning to Australia to spend some quality time with his family, saying: ''Having spent so much time away from my family, I miss being able to share good times with them. I can't think of anything better than my whole family being together in one place.''

Hemsworth in Cannes last week with his The Hunger Games: Catching Fire co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin