Musician Tich has admitted that she was overwhelmed when she received a tweet from One Direction star Harry Styles in support of her new single.

The 20-year-old singer, who recently toured with Olly Murs, explained that she was shocked when she received a tweet for Styles to say that he liked her latest track Dumb.

Speaking about the social networking incident, Tich, whose real name is Rachel said: ''When Harry Styles tweeted ... I'm not going to lie, I slightly collapsed. I just couldn't believe it!!! I had to check it a million times just to make sure it was real!''

Tich, whose UK tour kicks off in December, further explained that she suffers badly from nerves before a gig, saying: ''My routine is normally shaking, wanting to be sick. I get really nervous before any gig, even if it's one person and their dog.''

Contact Music further quote the star as saying: ''I just love being on stage and singing songs that mean a lot to me and hopefully mean a lot to other people.''