It has been announced that natural history broadcaster David Attenborough is continuing his relationship with Sky 3D by writing and presenting two new projects.

David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Adventure will premiere in December 2013, while Conquest of the Skies will premiere in 2014.

Sky 3D says Natural History Museum Adventure will see Attenborough "explore the museum after hours, as his favourite ancient creatures come to life in a compelling tale of discovery, adventure and magic".

Details of Conquest of the Skies will be announced "in due course".

Attenborough said: "The Natural History Museum has always been a special place for me."

He continued: "I’m excited to make a film using new 3D technology which will take the viewer on a journey through one of my favourite museums and look at it – and its inhabitants - in ways never seen before."

Attenborough has also made Flying Monsters 3D, The Bachelor King 3D, The Kingdom of Plants 3D, Galapagos 3D and the upcoming Micro Monsters 3D for Sky.