RTÉ News legend Anne Doyle made a welcome return as a guest on The Late Late Show on Friday night and, in her trademark style, answered host Ryan Tubridy's questions about whether she sees marriage in her future.

During the banter-filled interview, Tubridy said to Doyle: "You've been proposed to a few times, haven't you?"

Doyle, who made her final broadcast as an RTÉ News presenter on Christmas Day 2011, replied: "I have been, I suppose, occasionally, over the years, here and there. I mean, I'm sure that you're propositioned every day of the week yourself, so what's the odd proposal here and there?!"

She continued: "As a spinster, you know, I wouldn't claim for a moment to have seen too many men on their knees, God help us!"

Doyle then went on to recount an anecdote involving a former colleague on bended knee - in a professional capacity.

Tubridy then returned to the marriage question and asked Doyle whether she would ever settle down.

Doyle, who is in a relationship with businessman Dan McGrattan, replied: "Ah, well, I might now later on!"

She continued: "My ambition at the moment, apart from being happy and trying to be good, is to live long enough and for the Government – whichever it is – not to do away with the free travel.

"That is my dearest wish because I'm not a driver and I use the train a lot and I would love to get the free travel!"

She added: "And perhaps then, after I get that and I get to expand my horizons by being to Cork and Galway every five minutes, I might think about marriage.

"But, sure, there's no rush!"

Watch the interview on the RTÉ Player here.