With reports that Michael French is set to reprise his role as lothario David Wicks in EastEnders, actor Nitin Ganatra has spoken about how this Albert Square return could affect his own character, Masood Ahmed.

Fans of the soap could see David try to rekindle a romance with his old flame Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) – Masood's current love interest.

Asked by PA how Masood would cope with David back in Walford, Ganatra replied: "I don't think Masood can compete."

But he added: "Masood's glass is half full. He's just gone from a 30-year relationship, to a 24-year-old girl, to a 54-year-old woman - there's nothing to complain about!"

On working with co-star Coulson on the romance storyline, Ganatra said: "Lindsey and I have fun, and we get along really well, so that's really nice. We giggle a lot."