Homeland star Damian Lewis is set to play a puritanical pastor in upcoming film The Silent Storm.

The 42-year-old actor will star opposite Andrea Riseborough in the film, which will take place in the westernmost islands of Scotland.

The priest believes he is God's true messenger, but he struggles when the local mine closes and most of his parish move to the mainland.

Speaking about his relationship with Riseborough in the movie, Lewis said: ''They have a relationship, but he so adheres to the disciplines of the Christian faith that she suffers and he crushes any life out of her.''

The actor who will shoot the movie on his break from Homeland in June further told the Daily Mail about the movie's setting adding: ''Before it becomes apparent that you're in the 20th century, you could very easily be in the early 19th. It's very Ibsen-esque, but I don't think the palate of the film will be granite grey. It's got something that's a bit more uplifting than that.''