The latest promotional trailer for Superman movie Man of Steel has been released.

And this one features Michael Shannon's creepy and terrifying embodiment of General Zod, who takes centre stage in this spooky sampler for Zack Snyder's film.

"You are not alone," Shannon sneers in the beginning of the new clip. "My name is General Zod. I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. Your world has sheltered one of my citizens.

"He will look like you, but he is not one of you. To those of you who know his location, the fate of the planet rests in your hands.

"To Kal-El [Superman's original name], I say this: Surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences."

British actor Henry Cavill stars as Superman, and the reboot's cast includes Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner and Shannon.