The Great Gatsby actress Carey Mulligan has admitted that she always wanted to act alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

The 27-year-old star, who plays Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrman's big-screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel, has said that he always dreamed of working with the Titanic star.

Contact Music online quote the star as saying: ''I didn't do posters [of male actors]. I think I decided at 12 years old that I wanted to act with Leonardo DiCaprio. I didn't see him as a pin-up.

''I know! Pipe dreams! But seriously, I couldn't imagine in what world I would end up acting in a film with Leonardo DiCaprio.''

Mulligan, who is married to lead singer of Mumford & Sons, Marcus Mumford, also recalled how nervous she was when she bumped into Luhrman after her audition.

She added: "I'd had a martini. And you know, one martini is enough for me. He came over, and we chatted. And I'm thinking: Is my face red? Am I being articulate?'

"He gave me this whole speech, 'Well you know, Carey, I'm a scientist ... ' And he's talking in this really poetic, cryptic language. I was like, am I drunk or are you not making and sense?"