Rocker Ozzy Osbourne is moving to the UK in a bid to save his 31-year marriage with wife Sharon.

Sharon recently spoke out about the trouble in her relationship with Ozzy, stemming from alcohol and drug related problems, and she admitted that the couple were living apart.

However, reports say that Sharon is willing to give Ozzy another chance if he moves from Los Angeles to the UK with her.

With the 60-year-old star set to return as a judge on the UK X Factor later this year Sharon believes a return to their homeland could be the one thing that could save their marriage.

A source close to the couple told the Sunday People newspaper: “Ozzy loves living in LA but he knows that if he doesn't return to England with Sharon it could be disastrous for their relationship.

''By supporting Sharon in the UK it means they can work through their problems and she can help him with his issues.''

The source added: ''They will be staying at their house in Buckinghamshire which is in the countryside and very peaceful, like a haven.

''This is something they need to do for each other. LA is where all the problems began so they feel it will be good to live in the UK together.''