The Eurovision Song Contest takes place tonight in the Malmö Arena. Also, Jonathan Ross welcomes Gemma Arteron and Primal Scream into studio on his final show. BBC 2 are showing the much-anticipated sequel to East is East, simply - and companiably - called West is West. User friendly, eh?

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - The Final, 8.00pm RTÉ One

Live from the Malmö Arena, Sweden, artists from 26 countries will be singing tonight hoping to be crowned the winner of the 58th annual contest of song. The whole country will be rooting for Ireland’s entry Only Love Survives, sung by Ryan Dolan, pictured below centre. Marty Whelan will present the commentary on tonight's show on RTÉ One.

The Jonathan Ross Show, 9.45pm ITV

Jonathan welcomes Lee Evans, the cast of new drama Mad Dogs, namely Philip Glenister, Marc Warren and Max Beesley; actress Gemma Arterton (pictured below); and music legends Primal Scream will be performing live, as indeed they did on The Late Late Show already (Friday May 10). Last show in series.

West is West, 10.15pm, BBC 2

Tonight, the station proudly premieres West is West, the sequel to the multi-award-winning film East is East, described as "a coming-of-age story about confronting one's true desires and fears." Thirteen-year-old in Manchester resident Sajid (played by Aqib Khan, pictured below) is struggling to conform with Pakistani traditions. After Sajid quits school, his father George (Om Puri) decides to send him to Pakistan for a month to live with his first wife, whom he abandoned 30 years ago. Once in Pakistan, dad hopes that his son will learn discipline and a certain maturity. Upon arrival, Sajid finds that his father is not as highly regarded as he may have thought, and that Pakistan is not as idyllic as painted. George arrives at the end of the month to collect Sajid but is faced with his own self-image issue, and realises that he himself has much to learn as well. Directed by Andy De Emmony.