He may not be able to get the actual title of the show right but rapper P Diddy has teased his twitter followers by suggesting that he may be making a guest appearance on period drama Downton Abbey.

In the tweet, Mr Diddy said: "Hello everyone, this is Sean Combs with some very exciting news about my favourite show of all time, Downtown Abbey. Yes, I am an Abbey Head."

Of course, he was joshing but PBS, the US network who screen the ITV show, was forced to deny the story. Turns out that Diddy, real name Sean Combs, was actually guest-starring in a spoof for the Will Ferrell’s website Funny or Die.

In the clip, Diddy – wearing a blingtastic white tux and playing the self-proclaimed Lord Wolcott – can be seen in the background of some existing Downton scenes, doing his best impression of a toff and uttering lines like, "Mmm this fancy cake is divine. And do I detect a little nutmeg?" 

What a card, eh? Maybe Chris Brown will do a Game of Thrones cameo next.