Supermodel Elle Macpherson has said that singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham is an inspiration to women everywhere.

The 49-year-old catwalk queen has praised the mum-of-four because of her ability to juggle a high profile career with her commitment to her family.

Speaking to The Hunger magazine, the Australian model said: ''I have come across many women who commit their heart to raising their family, and to helping others who are less fortunate.

''They continue to be a huge inspiration to me - also women, like Victoria Beckham, who seem to have maintained the balance between work and family, and have forged a brilliant career doing what they love.''

Victoria recently spoke about her husband David Beckham's decision to retire from soccer, saying in a statement: ''The children and I are so proud of David, it's been an incredible journey for us all as we have watched him play at clubs all over the world throughout the last 15 years.

''Myself and the children have cheered him from the stands, as he has held high trophies with his teams at Manchester United, Real Madrid, A.C. Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain.

''This was not an easy decision to make, and to me and the children he will always be an amazing sportsman and a devoted husband and father.

''He is, and will always remain, a true ambassador for sport and is not just an inspiration to myself and our children but for millions of people worldwide.

''We are all excited about the next chapter in our lives and the adventures we will explore as a family.''