There is big excitement for the team in The Zoo on RTÉ One tonight as a newborn is welcomed into the world.

In tonight's episode team leader Helen Clarke Bennett and her team are keeping a close eye on Ashanti, a southern white rhinoceros who is due to give birth at any moment. 

Already two week's overdue, when the experienced mother finally goes into labour, the proud team gather at the rhino habitat in Dublin Zoo to witness the little calf's first moments.  

Also on tonight's show - zookeepers Garth and Louise give a hand reared Humboldt penguin chick in Dublin Zoo its very first swimming lesson! 

This is the first time the chick has ever seen deep water, but it doesn't take long for the little penguin's natural instincts to kick in under the watchful eye of the two keepers.

You can watch the whole story unfold on this week's episode of The Zoo, Thursday, 7pm on RTÉ One.