Tess Daly has been announced at the latest face of cosmetics giant L'Oreal.

The Strictly Come Dancing host will front a number of advertising campaigns for the brand, The Mirror reports.

Daly said in a statement: "I feel so honoured to be working with a brand that I've been a fan of for so long. I can't wait to say those iconic words, 'Because you're worth it'."

The star also joked that her husband Vernon Kay would be annoyed if she softened her Northern accent for the ads.

She said: "I couldn't dare tone down my accent because Vernon would tell me off. I'm posh compared to him, though. I tease him all the time.

"I can only be me, really. The first time I said it I got emotional - they're iconic words. We've grown up listening to these amazing women say these immortal words - I had to pinch myself."

Daly added: "I had a moment where I thought, 'Oh no, does this mean I have to leave the house immaculately groomed every day?'"

"I'm going to have to make more effort with my appearance on a daily basis."