Lord Sugar fired a third Apprentice hopeful last night on the popular BBC reality show which returned to TV screens last week.

Following her dismissal Sophie Lau said that her experience in his boardroom was so stressfull she wanted to leave.

She found herself brought back into the boardroom with contestants Uzma Yakoob and project manager Natalie Panayi after her team, Evolve, lost a challenge to design and sell a piece of flat pack furniture.

She said of the final showdown "Natalie and Uzma were just at each other and I couldn't get a word in edgeways - it got to a point where they were just shouting and shouting and shouting at each other.

"I was like: 'I just want to go. Send me back to the house or make me fired, but I've been here for hours and they're still fighting."'

The team’s flatpack creation, the Tidy Sidey, was a storage unit which could also be used as a table, although many of the team thought it just looked like a box. It lost out to team Endeavour who came up with a chair (the Foldo) which can convert to a table.

Lau was critical of her teammate Yakoob who had design experience saying “I felt she should have gone if that was her best work, if that was her peak, surely if that was the best she can do she should have left,"