Low Sea are a curious musical marriage of Bosnia and Liverpool but they are based in Waterford. As their new album gets out there, they pick five fave tracks. Plus, the history of ballooning on Today with Pat Kenny,as a new book appears.

Picks for Wednesday May 15 on RTÉ Radio

Dan Hegarty The Alternative: Low Sea’s Five-Track Shuffle, 10.00pm, RTÉ 2fm

The Waterford-based Liverpudlian/Bosnian two-piece - got that, yeah? - are Billie and Bobby D who choose tonight's five track shuffle. Billie does vocals and synth, while Bobbie D is responsible for, wait for it, Synth, Guitar, Vocals, and Noise - our kind of band here at RTÉ Ten, in other words. The duo's new album is called Remote Viewing and much is expected from its so-called Narcotic Pop schtick. So, roll of drums, Low Sea pick their five fave tracks for your listening pleasure. www.facebook.com/lowseamusic

Today With Pat Kenny, 10.00pm, RTÉ Radio 1

Richard Holmes's second book on ballooning, Falling Upward: How We Took To the Air recently appeared and the author is a guest on the programnme today. Holmes tracks the early generation of balloon aeronauts, from the earey experiments of the Montgolfiers in the 1780s to the doomed attempt to fly a balloon to the North Pole in the 1890s. "Falling Upwards traces the later struggle between an apparently doomed romanticism and the ugly facts of industrialised materialism, " wrote Irish journalist Ed O'Loughlin, reviewing the book for The Telegraph. "An early night-flight over the infernal factories of Liège emerges as a Wellsian clash of civilisations. " Holmes - who occasionally travels in balloons himself - is the author of The Age of Wonder, which also deals with feats of movementl associated with the old wicker basket and the coal gas.