No matter where you are tonight or what you're doing, you can stay tuned to Ireland's progress in tonight's Eurovision semi-finals on RTÉ Radio 1 from 8pm.

Long before 27-year-old Ryan Dolan takes to the stage to sing Only Love Survives, RTÉ presenters Shay Byrne and Zbyszek Zalinski will offer their commentary on the show.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, Zalinski said: "The first time I met Shay was in the Radio Centre here in Dublin and I heard somebody singing very loudly Dana's Eurovision entry.

"I heard somebody has an uncanny resemblance in their voice to Dana's and I turned a corner and there was Shay in a wig impersonating Dana and that's how we met!"

Tune into Radio 1's Eurovision coverage, with Risin' Time's Shay Byrne and The John Murray Show's Zbyszek Zalinski, tonight at 8pm via the RTÉ Radio Player here or via your the Radio App on your mobile device.

The duo will also host coverage of the Eurovision Finals this Saturday May 18th from Malmo, Sweden.