Watch out Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa-Mae, Lady Gaga's manager has signed a vilionist who describes herself as a "rock star" and who has more YouTube subscribers than Beyonce or Rihanna.

26-year-old Lindsey Stirling was signed by Gaga's manager Troy Carter after the violinist's online videos were viewed nearly 300 million times on YouTube.

And Carter has decided to keep his new charge as an online talent rather than take the old-fashioned radio and TV approach to stardom.

Stirling, a finalist on America's Got Talent in 2010, has covered songs by Rihanna, Imagine Dragons and Macklemore. She has sold 100,000 albums and has used dubstep stylings in her most popular video, Crystallise which has more than 57 million views.

Watch her in action here.

"I'm going to continue using the model I've always used," Stirling told BBC News. "It's not: 'I used that to build my career and now I'm going to jump over to a major record label.' When you're a YouTuber you have a creative control because it's just you and your audience."