Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special will not feature any stars from the pre-reboot period of the show.

According to Doctor Who Magazine the most recent former Doctor, David Tennant, will be joining Matt Smith in the celebratory episode.

Christopher Eccleston - who appeared as the Ninth Doctor in 2005 - was approached to make a guest appearance, but he declined to take part.

Sylvester McCoy - who played the Seventh Doctor from 1987 to 1996 - had previously stated that the "20th century Doctors" had not been asked to return to the show.

"All of us want to do it, just for the fans - because that's what they want," he explained. "But we've heard nothing - Tom Baker's heard nothing, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Paul McGann . . . none of us have heard anything."

Billie Piper will reprise her role of Rose Tyler in the 50th special, and other guest stars include John Hurt, Joanna Page and Ingrid Oliver.

Doctor Who continues this Saturday on BBC One.