Beneath Your Beautiful singer Emeli Sande has admitted that she almost chose a career in medicine over following her dream to be a musician.

The 26-year-old star, who has a degree in clinical neuroscience along with an offer to study at Glasgow University for her final two years of her six-year medical degree, revealed that she never thought music could be a viable career.

Speaking to Event magazine, the Clown singer said: ''I had these dreams, but what was more important to me was to feel that I had safety and security in my life. That meant not thinking about being a singer and focusing on studying to be a doctor.

''I felt you could work and work at music and nothing was guaranteed, but if you worked at school, at science, then you'd get something solid.''

She added: ''I'd reached a point where I had to follow my heart, my passion. Diamond Rings proved I had something, I needed to see it through.

''I called my dad and asked him what he would do and he told me to go for it. A lot of my tutors weren't happy but I moved to London and became who I really wanted to be.''