Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd has said that the programme-makers have yet to decide who is the father of his on-screen wife, Kylie’s, baby.

Kylie played by Paula Lane found out she was pregnant earlier this year but is unsure if the baby is her husband’s or his half-brother Nick (Ben Price) with whom she had a one-night stand.

Speaking to Inside Soap Shepherd, who plays David Platt, said "The writers haven't actually decided whose baby it is yet - they can't make up their minds."

He continued "I think he'll go mad when he finds out, but if it's David's baby in the end, he'll probably try to get over it. I think he'll want to forgive Nick because he's been close to him over the past few years, and he'll try to stay with Kylie for the baby's sake."

Shepherd said: "I've not actually been [on holiday] for 12 months now, which is unlike me. I usually have two or three holidays a year.

"I was booked to go to Thailand last Christmas, but work phoned up the month before and said, 'Do you mind cancelling your holiday? Nick's going to sleep with your bird!'"