Bradley Copper is to replace Jude Law in Jane Got A Gun after he left the production just hours after director Lynne Ramsay had also departed.

It’s wasn’t the smoothest first day of filming on the new action flick, with most of the drama happening off camera.

First director Lynne Ramsay downed tools and quit the movie with a source stating: "She had no choice but to withdraw from the film after a series of compromises over cast and locations reached critical mass, including a falling out with the film's star and co-producer Natalie Portman."

Within hours Jude Law also walked-off set as he wanted to walk work with Ramsay. Law was originally a replacement for Michael Fassbender who also quit the movie.

In the meantime Gavin O’Connor has agreed to direct the movie which tells the tale of a woman who asks her ex-lover for help in order to save her outlaw husband from a gang out to kill him.

Cooper has since joined the cast to take over Law’s role as the bad guy.

Jane Got A Gun is scheduled to hit the big screen in 2014.