Coronation Street’s Eileen has an ultimatum for her hubby-to-be Paul – click through to find out what it is! *Spoiler Alert!*

Eileen (Sue Cleaver) has always supported Paul’s job as a fire fighter – sure that’s how they met. He had to free her head when she got it stuck in some railings.

But after the devastating fire at the Rovers recently, Eileen is constantly worrying every time her man leaves for work.

She is desperate to ensure he doesn’t meet the same tragic fate as his fellow fire fighter Toni, who died in the blaze and tells Paul that he will have to choose between her and his job.

Tony Hirst, who plays Paul, told "Her concerns are very genuine, and they are made greater by what she has seen. I don't know that she mistrusts him, she just feels completely out of control.

"She's a strong woman who isn't used to not having a grip on things. But it does mean he struggles to confide in her over his fears."

Speaking about Eileen’s ultimatum, Hirst added: "I don't think he's prepared to compromise on this. He tells her that it's in his blood, pure and simple.

"What he means by that is that it's all he knows. It's his family, at the end of the day. If he's busy protecting Eileen and not being able to open up to her about his own feelings, then he needs the service even more.'