Phil Ramone, a celebrated music producer who worked with Madonna, Bono and Aretha Franklin, has died at the age of 72.

The 14-time Grammy Award winning producer died yesterday morning in New York City. Ramone had been taken into hospital late last month and had been battling ill health since.

Throughout his career, Ramone worked with the likes Bob Dylan, Tony Bennett, Sinéad O'Connor and Frank Sinatra. He is seen as a music industry pioneer, particularly in digital and fiber optic recording technologies.

In a statement following Ramone's death, Tony Bennett wrote: 'It was a joy to have him work with me in the recording studio on so many projects as he had a wonderful sense of humor and a deep love of music. Phil had the admiration and respect from everyone in the entertainment industry and his passing is a great loss'.

Numerous celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their sympathies, including Christina Applegate, John Legend, Ben Folds and Rob Thomas. Michael Bublé wrote "My life was better for knowing him and the world is worse off without him".

Glee star Matthew Morrison tweeted, "Today the music business and the world lost a music icon in Phil Ramone. I am honored that I had the opportunity to work with him on my forthcoming album, which I dedicate to him.”