Fans of Coronation Street have seen a dark side to Karl Munro in recent weeks and the actor who plays him, John Michie, has said there’s more in store! Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Over 10 million people tuned in to see Karl try to burn down the Rovers Return in retaliation for Stella’s relationship with Jason Grimshaw which has resulted in one death (firefighter Toni Griffiths) and Sunita Alahan is fighting for life in hospital.

Speaking to Digitalspy, Michie had this to say about playing the 'new' Karl: "The first thing is that it's really interesting to play. Karl now has these strange thoughts in his mind all the time. There's a lot more going on in Karl's head, so I'm enjoying that side of it.

"I suppose it's also enjoyable because it creates great situations with the other characters. At the moment, the audience knows what's going on but the other characters don't, and I think that's always fun for the viewers."

Just some of the mayhem that Karl unleashed when he burned down the Rovers Return

He shared his view on what Karl is hoping will happen to Sunita: "It's strange, because like I said, Karl doesn't want to be responsible for anyone's death. However, at the same time, he knows that Sunita has the knowledge to put him down. If she exposes what he's done, he'll go away for a long time - if not for life. Karl is struggling within himself and he is prepared to let Sunita go to save himself.

"Karl's an operator - he always has been and always will be! He actually doesn't find it that hard to physically hide his guilt. The only thing is that he is suffering incredible emotional turmoil from the guilt that he feels."

Michie also hints at further interesting drama and danger for Jason because he suspects that Karl was the fire starter: "Jason tries to wind Karl up a bit, which is a bit dangerous considering the state that Karl's in!

"He's definitely someone who Karl is beginning to hate more and more. I think Jason needs to watch his step!"

Poor Stella could also be in danger: "Karl is definitely making the moves on Stella, in a slightly obsessive way.

"He's trying hard to calm himself and be as normal as possible. However, because he's in such an emotional state, he finds it hard to approach Stella in a natural, normal way."