TV presenter Vernon Kay has said he was caught trying to steal a sign as a memento from BBC Television Centre in London.

The BBC buildings at Television Centre in White City are closing down at the end of this month after being sold to be converted into offices and a hotel.

Kay said he was ordered to put the sign back which he attempted to lift from his first dressing room at the BBC which he used while hosting Fbi back in 2000.

Speaking to The Mirror he said "It was a sign from my first-ever TV dressing room so I couldn't resist taking it for sentimental reasons."

"The security guard was lovely though and said he would put my name down for it if it came up for auction."

There has been reported that many people who worked in the iconic building are keen to take home souvenirs.

Producer Dave Walker tweeted last Thursday "I'm at Television Centre working on stuff for Vic and Bob's sitcom. It's a laugh. People are stealing things from the corridors. Cleaners are roaming the corridors thieving anything that isn't nailed down."