Pop sensation Justin Bieber left young fans disappointed last night when he arrived over two hours late for his show at London’s O2 arena.

The 19-year-old singer showed up over two hours late for his opening night at London’s O2 arena forcing hundreds of parents to leave with their children on Monday night before the Baby singer even took to the stage.

Angry parents have taken to twitter to vent their 'disappointment' for his 'disgusting behaviour' which saw hundreds of girls aged between 10 – 14 leave the show in floods of tears because they didn’t get to see their idol perform.

Despite thousands of fans – many under 16 - showing up earlier in the afternoon in anticipation of the gig, Bieber did not appear on stage until 10.35pm, just 25 minutes before he was scheduled to have finished.

Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith opened the show, followed by Call Me Maybe singer Carly Rae Jepsen. A source told the MailOnline that the crowd’s cheering soon turned to booing the longer they were left sitting waiting for Bieber to show up.

A Bieber fan said: "It's disgraceful, so many children were distressed and left heartbroken they had to leave the show. Many had been looking forward to seeing Justin for weeks.

"It is a school night and the arena is packed with ten and 14-year-olds."

The O2 apologised for the lateness of the show - but did not give any reason why the singer let down his devoted fans.